Effective Communication, EQ And Interpersonal Skills



Communication today is regarded as one of the fundamental skills needed to be a successful leader. This competency will not only assist you greatly to achieve success at work but also in your personal life and relationship with all your stakeholders.
The ability to speak and write effectively – both in terms of productivity and responsiveness is becoming crucial.
This program will deal with the various components of communication including gaining confidence, applying finesse, setting goals, leveraging on tools and using technology and body language confidently. The usage and emails etiquette and protocol will be discussed.
Conducting and chairing effective meetings will be reinforced.
Some Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) orientation will be taught including EQ (emotional intelligence) which is fast replacing IQ (intelligence quotient) as one of the vital components of a successful executive/manager.


• Learn the principles and concepts of incisive communication using KISS principle.
• Discover the role, communication and listening plays in their daily interaction.
• Understand the fundamental skills of managing their customers effectively.
• Discover the vital components of interpersonal skills when dealing with customers
• Understand how to use the various components of communication skills including body language.
• Master the art of communication with your boss and peers using the right media
• Teaching your down liners to speak and write effectively and driving the message


• The Fundamentals of Communications

a. The definition and process of communication
b. Why communication is a critical factor in today’s organizations.
c. The role of communication in the work environment.
d. Barriers to effective communication and how to eliminate them.

• The essence of Interpersonal Skills

a. The relationship between communication and Interpersonal skills
b. The definition of Interpersonal Skills
c. The role of Interpersonal Skills at the work place
d. How to upgrade our Interpersonal Skills

• Managing Customers (internal and external)

a. What do customers want in terms of service
b. Communicating and building a bond with customers
c. The many approaches to communication
d. The new versus traditional approaches
e. Structural communication approaches

• How to communicate with Impact

a. What is NLP
b. How to apply this concept to your stakeholders
c. Two way traffic and listening skills
d. Communication takeaway

• Leaders communication & Emails

a. The 5Ws and 2Hs of Communication
b. Email correspondence
c. Conducting effective meetings
d. Sustainable approaches to improving communication


The methodology used will be a combination of lectures, personal reflection exercises, and group work. Group work will be used for participants to identify, analyse and interpret situations as a form of experimental learning, and to learn and benefit from each other’s experiences.


Two days.