Everyone Needs A Goal To Move Forward

Here are some samples for you and your family.


1. Improve my coaching and mentoring skills
• Stay focussed
• Ask the right Q’s to increase knowledge

2. Problem Solving and Coping skills.
• Understand the problem first and find all possible solutions
• Be adaptable, creative and resourceful in any situation
• Admit it and fix it.

3. Improve Confidence (public speaking, communication and listening skills)
• Practise speaking in public
• Thinking/Analyzing/Pausing.
• Listening (70:30)
• Talk less, read more!!
• Talk less, listen more!!
• Talk less, pause more!!

4. Planning and Preparation for the future.
• Plan and organize work in advance.
• Effective practice of time management skills.
• Plan ahead for following week
• Network, network, network


1. Achieve 80% and above for all my subjects.
• Stay focussed
• Ask the right Q’s in class
• Maths/Science/English. Don’t lose focus.
• Sit in front of class, both in school and tuition

2. Problem Solving and Coping skills.
• Understand the problem first and find all possible solutions
• Be adaptable and flexible in any situation
• Use my parents as my network circle

3. Improve public speaking, communication and listening skills.
• Practise speaking confidently (in public).
• Thinking/Analyzing/Pausing.
• Listening (70:30)
• Talk less especially in school. Listen more.
• Think and ask Questions

4. Planning and Preparation.
• Plan and organize homework in advance.
• Practise time management skills.
• Structure learning hours.

5. Getting rid of fear.
• Get rid of public speaking fear
• Request parents to speak formally at home
• Don’t fear insects, water (learn to swim)

6. Speak English daily.
• Speak at home and in school
• Standard: Be among top 15 in class

7. Reading.
• 2 books in a month.
• Read consistently.
• Visit Library and have reading culture

8. Friends.
• Mix with the right company
• My family: my partners
• Less idiot (TV) box. Select a few TV programs

9. Health/Wellness.
• Involve in healthy matured discussions in school and with family/friends
• Health-eat well (fruits, vegetables) and balanced food.
• Less junk food

10. Prepare for my class projects early

11. Improve my overall personality and character
a. Talk to adults and ask clever Qs & listen more.
b. Learn skills as communication, negotiation, interpersonal, critical thinking etc.
c. Connect with the good internet pages and LEARN.
d. Educate my friends too and parents sometimes e.g. technology
e. Improve my leadership skills
f. Pick at least one sports and participate. Exercise regularly.
g. Display your goals (fridge) and share with family for support

NOTE: Goals have to be done by kids under supervision of parents. When they do it, there is ownership. Display it on the fridge and their room. Ensure rewards are forthcoming.