Succession Planning



With our aging population and diverse skilled management workforce, the task of replacing valuable and experienced employees becomes a critical and important issue.  Through succession planning and management initiatives, you can establish processes that recruit employees and prepare them for advancement by developing their skills and abilities – all the while retaining them to ensure a return on your business’ training investment. This program will impart the skills and knowledge you require to implement succession planning and management successfully, and thus enable your business to flourish and then retain talented people.

Who should attend
All department heads and managers, as well as individual leaders responsible for the strategic leadership, planning and development of their organisation.

What will be covered?

  • Understanding the succession planning concept and models
  • Identifying the human resources information and systems required for an effective succession planning strategy
  • Identifying the benefits of effective succession planning for your organisation and methods for communicating those benefits to others
  • Reviewing and learning from organisations with effective succession strategies
  • Understanding the steps to designing a succession planning proposal for your organisation


Objectives and Agenda for the Program

Day One

What is succession planning?

  • Why organizations implement succession planning?
  • Emerging business trends as indicators of need
  • Activity: Rate your organization on succession planning and management
  • The life cycle of succession planning and talent management programs
  • Replacement charting for visualizing gaps in a succession plan
  • How to link succession planning to HR plans and organizational strategy


Defining Key Terms and Explaining the Business Need for  Succession Management


  • Defining key terms in succession planning
  • Explaining the need for talent management and succession management
  • Activity: replacement planning focus for real organizations

Models to Guide Succession Planning Management

  • Purpose, goals, and policies for direction
  • Present and future job descriptions and competency models
  • Performance management models
  • Evaluating succession and talent management efforts
  • Improving recruitment and retention


Day Two

How do you implement a succession planning and talent management system?

  • Common mistakes in succession planning and management programs
  • Commitment and top management support
  • Using job and position descriptions and competency modelling
  • Assessing present work requirements
  • Evaluating current performance
  • Determining future work requirements
  • Assessing potential
  • Closing development gaps
  • Individual development plans
  • Evaluating the succession planning and management system
  • Career planning programs and mentoring





  • Interactive conceptual inputs, group activities, case studies, brainstorming sessions, questionnaires and assessment takeaways



Two days




  • Review and evaluation of workshop objectives
  • Taking first steps in succession planning and talent management efforts
  • Future challenge