Harban Singh

Harban Singh has a strong multinational background in both manufacturing operations and human resource management. He was trained by the GE Management School of training and was one of the key trainers in Malaysia under the Jack Welch initiative of “Work-Out RESTRUCTURING” exercise. He has traveled widely in all five continents and conducted training for several world class organizations such as GE, Shell, Intel, Samsung, Mercedes, Panasonic, Honda and Qatar Steel. He specializes in Leadership, Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, HR Development, Productivity Improvement, Labor Laws and General Management programs, and is well versed in production operations management, besides Human Resource Management, having started in GE as a Production Unit Manager and eventually as the Head of Human Resource Management. Harban has also conducted training in Qatar, Maldives, Indonesia and Vietnam. Passionate and energized international trainer with cutting-edge competencies, he transfers his passionate training style into energizing his participants in his various programs.

Harban is well-versed with the dynamic HR expectations, having worked with international World Class Fortune 500 organizations that included General Electric (USA), Cadbury and Danone (now Kraft), as the Head of HR Department with profound HR competencies, Best Practices and Labor Laws knowledge. His passion for training started while working for GE (USA) in Johor, since the 90’s. He has attended CTP (Certified Training Professional) Program, Interaction Management Trainer, NLP holder and also GE (USA) Supervisory Skills Modeling Facilitator.

Harban holds an MBA in Training & Human Resource Development from Newport University, USA. He has written several management articles for the various publications including for NST and the HRDF (PSMB) website. He was appointed by the Minister to be a panel member of the Industrial Court, while with Danone. Harban is also a part-time lecturer for the HR module in MBA classes for two Universities. He has directly been involved in three different strategic plans for three organizations & has published a book on the environment. His second book on managerial skills is in the pipeline.




I enjoyed Harban’s Teambuilding training conducted at the National Park. He ensured everyone participated and no-one was left to feel un-important. At the end, the camaraderie and team spirit was certainly enhanced among my team members.
…….Tan Sek Kow, Div. Manager, Honeywell

Training on Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Leadership Skills 

Harban, many thanks for the inspiring experiences you shared during the training, which we can’t find in any books.
……Norazilayati Rastam, R&D Manager, Ansell

Training on Creativity, Problem Solving & Leadership Skills

It was a great class Harban. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks a lot for sharing these extra info with us.
……Bhavani Krishnamoorthy, Manager Finance/HR/Procurement

Training on Building Strong Managerial Skills

Harban, thank you for the two fulfilling days and for inspiring me.
…..Elia Halena Halil, Manager, PNB


Participants found it was very helpful and interesting the training and surely they’ll apply it on their job.
…. Mohamed Ahmed, GM, Allied Insurance Co, Maldives

Thank you for all your knowledge & experience sharing as well as your great training approach in class.
Feyrial Mohd. Salih. – Manager, Training & Competency, HCBD Support Business, Telekom Malaysia.

Thank you very much for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, upgrading our skills and knowledge sharing.  Your effort in connecting us persistently is good. You are not just a lecturer to us, you are our mentor. Enjoyed your class very much and hope to attend more in future. Mr Harban:  You are a great Trainer and Influencer.
….May Chin, HR Manager, Robinsons

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