Programs for 2016


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  1. Change Management
  2. Succession Planning
  3. Goal Setting and Personal Development
  4. Organizational Culture
  5. Leadership and Managerial Development
  6. Business Ethics Workshop
  7. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Leadership Skills
  8. Creativity. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills
  9. Human Tools for People Improvement and Development
  10. Coaching and Mentoring Skills Workshop
  11. Assertiveness Workshop : Being an Assertive Manager
  12. Critical and Strategic Thinking Skills
  13. Every Manager is a HR Manager
  14. Drive Altitude Thru” Change and Transition Management
  15. Managing Change and Transformational Leadership
  16. Human Resource Management for Non HR Managers/Executives
  17. Strategic Human Resource Management
  18. The Art and Science of Managing People Effectively
  19. Key Tools for Middle Managers and Executives
  20. Jack Welch & GE’s Cutting Edge Leadership Practices
  21. Coaching and Counselling
  22. Effective Supervisory Skills
  23. Positive Work Attitude and Work Excellence
  24. Positive Mental Attitude & Leadership Team Building Program
  25. Team Building and Moving Forward
  26. Effective Performance Management
  27. KPIs and Performance Management
  28. Technical Report Writing and Leadership Skills
  29. Competency Based Interviewing Skills
  30. Effective Time Management and Personal development
  31. How to motivate and bring out the best in people
  32. Personal Development and Motivation
  33. Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  34. English Business Communication
  35. Employment & Labour Laws
  36. How to improve your customer service
  37. Coaching, Mentoring & Giving Constructive Feedbacks

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